To be king in the last days

Title:To be king in the last days

Author:Long Wo mountain

Description:A meteorite shower caused by the explosion of a mysterious planet in the solar system spread to the galaxy, and the earth was not spared. Countless impacts caused by the meteorite shower led to various fires, earthquakes and tsunamis And other natural disasters As a result, human beings have suffered the disaster of extinction, and all kinds of civilizations have been destroyed. There are no survivors. howeverHowever, the mysterious meteorite rain has given new vitality to the devastated earth. A new type of energy has changed all species on the earth and has become an indispensable precious source of survival. As a result, the surviving human beings have entered a new round of struggle and plunder There are all kinds of species aroundThe surviving creatures are all strong. Who can survive in the last days, fight their way out and make contributions Coming soon!

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