Titans Gladius

Title:Titans Gladius

Author:Xiaoyue is not a writer

Description:With the evolution of the times, the rapid development of science and technology, the emergence of new energy, with curiosity about the mysterious universe, mankind ushered in the era of the universe. After 200 years of exploring the universe, human beings have not found any civilization of other races. Human beings begin to think that there is only one intelligent creature of their own in the universe.At this time, Zerg appeared, which brought disaster to human civilization. The huge Zerg troops destroyed countless human cities. And these disasters made mankind unite. In the world conference sponsored by the Tianlong Empire, several major forces reached the same goal: to eliminate the Zerg. And now in the distant universeAnother ancient civilization of Zeus also appeared, that is, the Protoss. This race has an ancient civilization history. The high priest of the protoss received a piece of consciousness information from the void,

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