Time zone

Title:Time zone

Author:This is nothing but emptiness

Description:Summer, 2006. A meteor burst into the atmosphere. Earth people have received letters from aliens. Since then The high-order element region surrounded by the boundary of absolute zero degree, the final time zone, comes to the earth. People with abilities are all over the world. The era of capability has opened in an all-round way. If you want to survive, you have to go beyond your genetic limit.——However, no matter how to say, as a Muggle, it should be valuable to find a capable sister to cultivate the next generation quietly? “What are you talking about! I am a talented Muggle with ideal and ambition! I’m here in the power world! ” “Yes, ant, come on, we need you! Smart horse next doorThe bucket is blocked up again “Hello! Let me do such a thing! I have but awakened Xiuze’s wind power and dangma’s right hand! Are you afraid! ” If you guys

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