Time and space of military action

Title:Time and space of military action

Author:Chopping sharks on a horse

Description:After Xie Guhong was kidnapped by an organization, several scientists wanted to use him as a medium to read a secret DNA memory to find the whereabouts of some mysterious object in the original world. From this, Xie Guhong also started a journey of time and space, reading the memories of “ancestors” one after anotherSome of them even appear in some literary works, some in film and television works. As Xie Guhong wanders in different worlds, the mysterious object’s position in the original time and space is gradually revealed, and he also breaks through the boundary of “memory” in a series of different timesThe air became a real individual. At the same time, he also knew the function of the mysterious object, that is, the person who solved the secret could become immortal, that is, God

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