Time and space mediator

Title:Time and space mediator

Author:The song of the sad

Description:In the bar where the passers-by gather, a man sighs with a glass. “What’s the matter?” “Because of the Contractor’s relationship, the world has become a mess, just like the world just sealed: / / / longtengx. Bang… Just sealed: / / / longtengx. Bang, xiqijunIn jiamengguan, he was defeated by the four generals of the magic family. ” “It’s impossible. It’s not like this in the original work. What happened?” “After killing the four generals, Nezha came back from defeat and said: the first four generals of the demon family are not afraid, but the fifth one, holding a Bagua stove, can offer sacrifices to the golden light and burn the disciples’ huntian LingAnother unknown broom came and went like the wind and touched the circle of heaven and earth of the disciple. The disciple was really invincible. ” “The fifth?” “This fifth man is called molisha.”

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