Tiangong mission

Title:Tiangong mission


Description:A young astronaut on the Tiangong mission, encountered the Earth Moon barrier in space and returned to the earth. At this time, the world had changed completely because of the cataclysm, and there were unheard of species everywhere. The most terrible thing was that as time went on, he found that all the evidences of his existence in the world were gradually changingErased! All familiar people have become strangers one by one. Who on earth is targeting him? What is the purpose of the other party? Is this an artificial illusion? Or did he just come to a parallel space-time? While seeking these answers, he has to constantly improve his level of machinery manufacturing,Until he can rebuild a Tiangong spaceship, because the Tiangong chip in his brain reminds him that the Tiangong mission is still going on. If he doesn’t complete the mission, he will start the self destruction model

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