Through the magic sound of the sair

Title:Through the magic sound of the sair

Author:Ice butterfly dream

Description:The call of fate, the recovery of mission…… God horse? She, Tang adverse sound, the dog blood in soap opera has come to her?! Is there any mistake? She went through a world of powers, where people can do magic, but she didn’t have any such magic on her body! Wait, what’s that´╝č robot? Robots still hurt, don’t they…… Mamma Mia! Who can tell me where this is? Oh, my God – I’m still young and don’t want to die – don’t chase me, help!!! Friends, mission, how does she choose? “Stop! Do you want to die? ” The cold silver light appearedIt’s too late. “You are so stupid. Do you think nobody cares about you?” Black said. “I will kill anyone who dares to hurt her! Who dares to step forward, I Gaia said to do

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