Through the end of the black hole

Title:Through the end of the black hole

Author:bloody battle

Description:In the world of X-Men, the development of super brain, the mastery of spiritual and spiritual power, the creation of super artificial intelligence, the manufacture of immortality drugs, the global range of signal towers have been transformed into mind control towers. In the world of biochemical crisis, against Darwinian virus evolved from G virus, Lius created a more adaptable and terrifying ZimuBiology, as well as the Mobius civilization of artificial intelligence, and the new human civilization of fully awakened brain domain, plus the disorderly alien, who can dominate here? Red Alert plunders super weapons and black technology. The watchman educates Manhattan and the Pharaons, and at the same time alone exerts his divine power to make wise sons on Jupiter. Finally, in many countriesWormhole connects StarCraft and Warcraft, finds itself, eliminates all hidden dangers, and finally becomes the manager of the multiverse.

Author: miven

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