Three Kingdoms God Fu teacher

Title:Three Kingdoms God Fu teacher

Author:Always a princess

Description:We have to cultivate the system, teach the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, and bring them to the sky! All kinds of difficulties and obstacles, the more fighting, the more brave, brothers gradually go, finally climb the peak, martial Saint prestige passed down through the ages. Special note: the essence of this book is the mystery of history, that is to say, the history is overhead, and there is a strong fantasy system. When the heroes of the three kingdoms are proud of the sky, they are almost pure fantasy.This book describes the hard journey of the heroes of the Three Kingdoms, focusing on the glorious image of the martial saint. But there is no corresponding theme to choose, so we chose Qin, Han and three kingdoms. About the protagonist Guan Chen, because he didn’t dare to offend Wu Sheng, he made up his brother Guan Chen. But Guan Chen is still a man. Focus on historical processBe careful to enter.

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