Three Kingdoms beauties

Title:Three Kingdoms beauties

Author:The last eggplant

Description:Shen Feng, a legendary player who once made waves in the simulation of Three Kingdoms, began to play another game, magic Three Kingdoms. This time, he doesn’t want to compete for fame and wealth. He just wants to be a casual player. Unfortunately, gold will shine everywhere, he embarked on a special road of the game. Mix into the palace and get a unique palace guardThe female soldier’s talisman has collected three thousand beauties from Emperor Ling’s harem, and is fighting the world with a group of beauties. Ma Chao’s Xiliang cavalry? Look at me! Cao Cao’s Qingzhou soldiers coming? Look at me! The rattan beetles of Nanman? Look at me! Don’t fight Luoyang in any city, cause troubleNobody should offend women, which is the consensus of all players in Sili area. What, Zhao Yun is also designed as a female general? Game company, do you have any integrity? I can’t bear it,

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