Three days

Title:Three days

Author:Home in the cloud

Description:Today, tomorrow and yesterday are the concepts of life that we are used to. Three days, which go round and round in our life, seem to be our inherent days. Have you ever thought that we can’t walk into tomorrow or see yesterday. We only have today. Tomorrow and yesterday are not ours. However, tomorrow and yesterday are not oursOtherwise, there is no direction to move forward and backward, and there is no place to place ideals and history. We must have the concept of “three days” to avoid panic. So, except for today, what are tomorrow and yesterday like? “Three days” according to the upper “tomorrow to the world”, the middle “yesterday”The structural sequence of “heaven, living the world” and “today, living the world” in the lower part completely describes three days and three different ways of life and forms of social existence. We

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