Those years with ghosts

Title:Those years with ghosts

Author:Venus ladybug

Description:After graduating from University, I couldn’t find a job: / / / longtengx. I went home and became a professional pig farmer, but one day my pig talked…… A young girl suddenly appeared in my home and abducted my father. The day after he left home, he died on the way to the villageBian, who killed my father? When I went to track down the secret girl: / / / longtengx, I found that she had been dead for 25 years. Then, my fifth grandfather, who had always loved me, became a zombie, but the third uncle, who was the village head, was a living dead man…… Is it fate? yesCurse of evil spirits? After the appearance of an iron coffin, the dense fog was completely uncovered……

Author: miven

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