This life is shallow and the afterlife is long

Title:This life is shallow and the afterlife is long

Author:Far away from worry

Description:”LAN, lan…” In a trance, I heard someone calling me. He opened his eyes and looked at the sound source. The face that had haunted me several times was clearly visible. “Xinyi I It’s like having a long dream. Really Is it really you? ” There is meaning in the voice. I feel flustered and touch itThe cheek of a forerunner. Kudo Shinichi was stunned, and then said with a smile, “it’s me, it’s always been.” Gently pinched her palm, let her rest assured. Immediately another face helplessly said: “but now is not the time to say this!” “Oh, oh!” Maolilan, who finally came to his senses, turned his head and faced himA priest in black. “Yes, I do.” he said with a smile

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