Thieves at the top of the food chain

Title:Thieves at the top of the food chain

Author:I have enough leisure

Description:Ye 11, a generation of ten years in history: / /. Longtengx. Steal, the most outstanding disciple of steal sect! Because of a specific point in time, ye Xi’an became a prisoner lost in time and space, and was exiled to prison. Love in the arms of the moment of death, ye Xi’s eyes three hookYu opens the eye of writing wheel, and awakens his special pupil skill,: / / / longtengx! Left eye: / /. Longtengx. Left hand can steal intangible things, right eye: / /. Longtengx. Right hand can steal tangible things!!!Ye Xi’an, who wanders in all time and space, carries forward his name of stealing to the end. He has only one principle, that is to say, everything that can be seen should be taken care of

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