They lived in the Cretaceous

Title:They lived in the Cretaceous

Author:Bandage bed

Description:In the 22nd century, human science and technology has developed to an unimaginable level. Niu Dali, a survival expert in the wild, was stranded in the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs dominated when he encountered an accident during a time travel of the LK group. Ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, clever Ling steal dragon and cunning emperor crocodile have been in successionThe coming of the stage is threatening the lives of Niu Dali and his partners all the time, and a battle between life and death begins. After paying the price of blood, Niu Dali finally slowly adapted to how to coexist with dinosaurs, and the existence of ancient humans gave him great help. And he’ll be here with his friendsThe dangerous world continues to survive.

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