There is no match for a soldier

Title:There is no match for a soldier

Author:The sea is boiled into wine

Description:There are two oldest occupations in the world, one for men and one for women. Women sell meat, men sell life. Some people call these desperate men war dogs, others call them military contractors, but these two kinds of people also use the same word to describe this group of people, mercenaries. All kinds of mercenaries come back to the cityWhen Niu’s story spread, these men said to me, “Hey, you can’t always let us stay with rotten goods.”. So, 2o16, let the mercenaries return to the battlefield. Shuyou group 398386135 if you think Bingfeng unparalleled is not bad, please don’t forget to tell your friends in QQ group and microblogRecommend!

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