There is no end to darkness

Title:There is no end to darkness

Author:The watermelon skin nibbling at the pen

Description:Born in a monstrous era, the only family member is an old man named ham ACA. In the remote town of Ulan, the protagonist meets with his mother like teacher Jacques and sister Britney Spears, but also has envy and hatred of his Haoke and smock. In a strange tide siege, LAN Mei accidentally gets the friendship of monster Dabai, and then embarks on an adventurous journey between a man and a dog. In this world of intrigue and the law of the jungle, the protagonist, in order to find the mystery of his life experience, for his own parents who have been in danger, and for the protection of the important people around him, lives with himIn the struggle of forces at different stages, we are going to the peak of the strong step by step

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