There are only 22 people left

Title:There are only 22 people left

Author:Siping’s little doodle

Description:When the protagonist wakes up, he finds that all the people around him have disappeared. Later, he only finds another 21 surviving humans. Where have disappeared human beings gone? Who is the real black hand behind the scenes? Can the rapidly decreasing human race continue civilization? The work explores the possibility of human disappearance from the perspective of possible scientific and technological meansAs well as the survival, reproduction and civilization of the remaining human beings. The surviving people have to make great changes in a series of directions, such as organization mode, social relations, production mode, reproduction criteria, armed forces, human emotions and even ethical system. And a major conspiracy was involved in the processThe protagonist will lead some of the survivors to fight back, defend themselves and their homes, and look forward to salvation.

Author: miven

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