The zombie queen in the crisis of life and death

Title:The zombie queen in the crisis of life and death

Author:Meteors are not rain

Description:The darkness is coming quietly, a pair of blood red eyes bear a huge killing intention and pain, human greed and contempt for life will eventually ignite. She, the mother of the virus, the innocent victim, fell into a frenzied revenge in the disappointment of human nature again and again. She watched the survivors coldly to save more innocent livesTongren pushes into the gate of death. She wants to change the world in the past, but in addition to being cheated by her former peers, she wants to sacrifice her again and again, which is cheating. In this cold and windy night, the queen arrived, she fell into the edge of human nature and zombie nature struggle, a pair of warm hands stretched out, her tears fell quietly, this timeBorn to be guarded by the one who loves.

Author: miven

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