The zombie is a treasure

Title:The zombie is a treasure

Author:Indomitable poverty

Description:Su Xiaobai died and came back to life. Dead again, alive again. Su Xiaobai, who suddenly found that he had a nearly immortal constitution, calmed down and said that the food was too much, as long as there was food. It’s just that the guy who shot himself didn’t stick up without skin or face?! Hey, zombie, you’re wrongPS: I’m not a zombie, but I’m sure the quality of the pit is good. There are many finished articles that can jump into the pit. To put it another way, this article mostly refers to biochemical zombies. There’s no space and powers. At most, only pure fragmentary body can go up to max, and the female owner can’t dieIt’s just a special constitution. There are reasons for this. I’ll talk about it later~

Author: miven

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