The yellow robe of rebirth

Title:The yellow robe of rebirth

Author:The third moon

Description:”Heaven and earth are closed, the virtuous are hidden, the king does not do and the thief is in the world “The king is not king, his minister is not official, the father is not father, the son is not a son, and he takes the risk. Although the foreigners are proud of their relatives, they are also proud of their relatives; but the haste will change, even though the flesh and bone are still enemies.” Soul flies for thousands of years, and is born in chaos. He is born again as a private son of Guoxin, the third son of Guowei, the third son of Taizu in the Later Zhou Dynasty. He vowed to wipe out the worldNo land sales, no peace negotiations, no shame of Jingkang, no war on the cliff If you think “rebirth of the yellow robe I add body” is not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your QQ group and microblog friends!

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