The world

Title:The world

Author:Lin Silver

Description:Do you want to travel through time and change the past? What, changing the past can cause the butterfly effect? Do you want to come to the other world and learn the magic formula? What, is the magic formula too hard to learn? Are you only interested in money and beauty? Hum, I won’t tell you that I will turn stone into gold, create human beings, and make them what they wantWhat does it look like? Well, well, for your sake, I’ll show you a clear way. If you can become a critical person, then you can do the above. However, in the front, are you sure you can afford to be a borderline? What? Money is not lifeHow many? Ha ha, I don’t want those. You just follow the beautiful girl in front of you, the one with the umbrella, and follow her to see the world of criticizers. If you still haven’t changed

Author: miven

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