The world of love

Title:The world of love

Author:Yellow flower water plant

Description:At the end of Ming Dynasty, Wu Sangui defeated Songshan, led his troops to break through the encirclement and then retreated to Ningyuan City, waiting for the imperial court to help. However, the Qing army made a detour into the fortress and went straight to the capital. The imperial court ordered Wu Sangui to rush to the capital. Wu Sangui was shocked by Chen Yuanyuan’s beauty when he presented Chen Yuanyuan to Wu Sangui. Round witty, three GUI’s infatuation, make them happyMy love sublimates rapidly. Just when Wu Sangui left Beijing, the Dashun army captured the capital, and Chen Yuanyuan was snatched by Liu Zongmin. Wu Sangui became angry, and in a rage, he surrendered to Manchu. When Dashun army washed the capital, a Ming Dynasty official fled the capital and returned home with his daughter feng’er. Encounter fierce tiger attack on the way, in tiger claw is about to tear PhoenixShe was rescued by Zhenyu when she was shorting her chest. Feng’er’s beauty and playfulness deeply attracted Zhenyu. He decided to send the father and daughter back home. While staying at Aunt Zhenyu’s house, she took feng’er away

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