The wild and the wild

Title:The wild and the wild

Author:Mu Shaozi

Description:The ancient world of gods and magic weapons disappeared in the long river of time. Today, divine bodies and warships travel among the stars. The perfect fusion of warrior and body — Steel spirit fighting in the starry sky! In order to protect their relatives and revenge their families, the young people who came from the earth climbed to the peak of martial arts with their perseverance and unyielding willDemons fight in the starry sky. Inheriting the ancient black dragon clan’s hegemonic body formula, alchemy, wood, water, fire and earth make the five elements hegemonic body, Yin Yang hegemonic body and chaos hegemonic body, open up the kingdom of God and establish the universe. In martial arts, there are nine levels: skin refining, bone refining, pith refining, Qi inducing into the body, ganging, vigorous Qi releasing, harmony between man and nature, supernatural power and cathode Yang generating. RepairThere are Seven Realms: refined body realm, congenital realm, vigorous Qi realm, heaven and man realm, supernatural realm, yin and Yang realm, and God and man realm.

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