The way to death

Title:The way to death

Author:Cinderella in a daze

Description:Overnight, the peaceful small village became a human purgatory. There were walking corpses everywhere. They were walking on the street to catch people alive. Would she be saved if she ran for her life with a son and a daughter? A week later, when he came to pick up his younger brother, he knew that his parents and son had evacuated safely. His younger brother came to pick him up. stayOn the way to escape, my brother almost died. Fortunately, I met Lu Ning, a police officer, and the three people evacuated to the police station safely. Later, while on the run, Lu Ning hinted that she liked Xu Ping, but the married Xu Ping felt that she didn’t deserve him, so she felt inferior. Automatically ignore his hint and pretend not to know. But still do not give up the landNing tried hard to save her on the road for many times. After they were almost attacked by a walking corpse in the supermarket, they shared their feelings and got together. They are looking for relatives and on the way to escape

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