The way of Archangels

Title:The way of Archangels

Author:A big pineapple

Description:A few years ago, Venus, a high-level angel, fell in love with Ezer the Celestian and was pregnant with a child. Kaisha, the ruler of the highest civilization of the angel nebula, was very angry when she learned about it. In one escape, Venus, who was pregnant for four years, gave birth to a baby girl, and then forced Kesha to give up with her lifechase. When the baby girl grows up, she shines in the sky blue star, and finally solves the secret of the planet. In an adventure, he completely awakened the blood of angels and became a noble judge angel, fighting for the justice of the universe! In her journey, she met many men, and finally fell in love with a man on earth.For more information, please read this book!

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