The unruly system of red warlord

Title:The unruly system of red warlord

Author:Noisy wind

Description:Things tend to fall on you before you’re ready. It’s better to work harder than to complain constantly. With such a firm belief, Jero began to become the Red God of war. In the face of all kinds of dangers in the future, he is lucky, with systematic help, I am not aloneIt’s fighting! But he is extremely unfortunate, because this is an extremely unreliable system without discipline. His growth history is destined to be a history of blood and tears. It’s a story that happens in the future, in the future. It’s a story between a non-human and a group of humanoids. It’s a human eventThe story of Ben’s extinct world. Hope to write good works, I hope you like it. Penguins: 371519729, welcome to discuss the plot

Author: miven

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