The ultimate cannon fodder

Title:The ultimate cannon fodder

Author:Cold ice cold

Description:A man struggling to survive at the end of the day has made a breakthrough on the edge of life and death and gained great strength. Originally thought that we could survive better in this chaotic world of collapse of social order and fall of ethics and morality. But who knows that the so-called doomsday is just an experiment, and he is just a test object at the mercy of others. Even his power to cause pride is not worth mentioning in this era of strong people. The value of his existence is to serve as the cannon fodder for human beings to expand their living space, compete for resources and fight for war. Knowing all this, he vowed that he would never submit to fate. So he constantly in all kinds of life and deathBreak through and improve yourself in the battle, finally break through the sky, stand out the siege, and become a legend overlooking all living beings, galloping the world, and crisscrossing the stars!

Author: miven

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