The Three Kingdoms will gather

Title:The Three Kingdoms will gather

Author:Liuhe God of war

Description:Zhuge Liang vs Liu Bowen, it’s small; Guan Gong vs Qin Qiong, it just sounds beautiful; Jiang Wei, the lone king gives you the chance to kill Deng AI, you ya give me the chance to seize, not to mention Sanying vs Lv Bu, the lone king gives you a flying tiger General of Chu, ran Tianwang, who dares to fight! Look at this host. I’ll give you a SanyingWar host, Emma, run! So, heroes of five thousand years of turbulent times, listen to my voice, move forward! Move forward! Become a king and defeat the enemy, break the soil and seal the Marquis! Heroes gather, master forever! A general becomes famous, deterring the heroes. In the Three Kingdoms, the fierce generals gather!

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