The survival of the last girl

Title:The survival of the last girl

Author:Xiao Yuling

Description:This is the story of a little girl Lan Xue and a boy Huang Lin living together in order to survive in the end. At the beginning of the end of the world, Lan Xue unexpectedly became the one who had the spatial power in the novel, while Huang Lin had the water system (ice system) power. Two people survived in the stumbling and became strong.Huang Lin has been taking care of blue snow all the time, and blue snow has gradually become very strong. Lan Xue: hmm? Do you have a problem with my little brother? Hit you! Huang Lin: you dare to bully my children and beat you! (ice thorns around run out in a mess) everyone: please let you go_ You are sweet, but you are not.

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