The strongest master of Xinghe

Title:The strongest master of Xinghe

Author:Lao Niu is 18 years old (bookstore)

Description:”One day, I will travel across the stars and become the overlord of the universe!” Ye Tian is full of pride and chides Fang Qiu, but just at this moment, his stomach is thundering out of time, and his feet are endless garbage mountain This is the best era, the beginning of mankind, finally ushered in the dreamThe big universe interstellar age. This is also the worst era. Blood and mecha, science and magic, traditional civilization and cosmic civilization, as well as the human race and the major intelligent life races, have burst out extremely fierce collisions from all levels and fields. Let’s see ye Tian, a young man from the slum, pushing away the heroAfter the gate of the palace, how to achieve their dream of blood legend.

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