The strongest hulk on the plane

Title:The strongest hulk on the plane

Author:I’m a milkman, too

Description:The famous adventurer and financier closed the night. During his exploration in Bermuda, he ran into the tunnel of time and space, shuttling through time and space, and came to Marvel Universe. Since then, the real world has lost a financial genius and a world-class explorer, while Marvel world has gained a king of Finance and a super criminal who claims to be invincible. He was captured by aegis, rightFor example, he is the most wanted man of marvel. Besides Dr. Benner, he is the second man who can turn into Hulk. He has a title “king of power”! This is a plane journey belonging to the Hulk. Marvel world is only the first stop. Maybe we should consider who is more powerful than superman´╝č

Author: miven

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