The strongest foreign worker

Title:The strongest foreign worker

Author:Tears in the right eye

Description:In fact, Bai zhantang is very good. Qiu Qianren is a bad blacksmith. He Tieshou is a crazy medical madman. Murong Fu is a good baby. Qiao Feng has a clean life. None of the four famous hunters can fight. Zhuge Zheng and his father are friends. What’s wrong with this Wulin? The protagonist looks at the sky and asks questionsAfter a slap over a fugitive, but for their own only 10 years of life efforts. Other people go through a lot of golden fingers, and the beautiful little brother is crying and kneeling. I have to race against time if I go through. If I don’t run, I will die. What’s the matter?!

Author: miven

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