The strongest dimensional College

Title:The strongest dimensional College

Author:I have eight sins

Description:Wu Shen, who failed in the college entrance examination because of strange events, was worrying about his future, but suddenly received an admission notice from a mysterious college. Wu Shen came to this strange college, he was surprised to find that the students here are all his familiar cartoon characters! The head teacher is kill teacher, crazy three and sabeR is his deskmate. Liang Gong is clamoring to set up a club. Li Huazuo and GUI Daisy are fighting for the position of president of the students. Xiao Zhi and Pikachu often fight with Taiyi’s Asian beast. Lingmeng sells ethics to the three thousand college, but the headmaster is Gradually, Wu Shen found that the purpose of the establishment of the college did not seem to be so obviousIt’s very simple.

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