The story of the villagers

Title:The story of the villagers


Description:Hard science fiction. It has been completed, with a total of 190000 words. Because many planets are at a proper distance from their stars, they are likely to evolve intelligent life; and because it is extremely difficult but not impossible to break through the speed of light, the iron star civilization has not been able to break through the speed of light 3000 years after it entered the industrial society. When aliens first visitWhat does Starman do? Iron star people have a three-day holiday, because everyone is excited and can’t work normally, so they need to take a holiday to adjust their mood. The first thing iron star politicians do is to invite aliens, not swordsmen. The prevention of robot crime by iron star people is not to add moral procedures to them, but to compare them with the identity of their ownersBinding, they committed a crime, the punishment is the master. When the iron star people have a war, they let the robot take part in the battle instead of them. The failure of the robot is the failure of the owner, and they will be killed

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