The story of Meng Niang

Title:The story of Meng Niang

Author:Sunset dance

Description:Reincarnation for Meng, body for Niang! Fake mother? No, no, it’s Meng Niang! As an otaku, he never thought that one day the leading role aura would come to him. At the instigation of his roommates, he finally wanted to confess to the girl he secretly loved. On the day of the confession, there was a creature in the school that should not exist in three dimensions. In order to save the girl: / /And in the mouth of the monster, such a bloody story happened to him. When she wakes up again, she has become a cute girl. In this strange world, what will happen to her? Is it the protagonist who opens the harem? Or passerby a? Or do you want to save the world?

Author: miven

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