The story of killing gods

Title:The story of killing gods

Author:Coffee apple

Description:Introduction to the Second Edition: enter the infinite, do not ask the past, do not answer the cause and effect of future generations, but seek happiness, love and hatred, natural reincarnation, blind heart is not blind, now three thousand reincarnation Road, tomorrow laugh proud kill God! Introduction to the ordinary version: This is a small white with a dark stomach. Relying on his IQ, he kills the whole universe, and by the way, he turns away a few girlsIt’s a matter of time. Brief introduction to the Moral Education Edition: what can I do if I want to be a fox? Online waiting is very urgent! PS1: this book is infinite flow, original world, a little random into. There are world views: 1. Alien version of biochemical crisis; 2. Supernatural version of Sherlock Holmes; 3. Fantasy version of pirate king (bullshit); 4. Millennium magic city; 4;5, CSOL, to be updated later. PS2: this book group is

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