The soul of the painting

Title:The soul of the painting

Author:Spirit night nine

Description:Among the six realms, there is a kind of art against heaven, which is called bone painting. The so-called bone painting is the art of soul returning. To practice it is only to taste the cold and warm of the world, and then to cut off feelings and desires. It seems difficult to blame, it seems easy to not easy, one step to heaven, ten thousand steps difficult. There is no one who can practice it for thousands of years, but there are still DeathAfter the founding of the people’s Republic of China, she finally set foot on the fairway, but the reputation of waste is still there. On the contrary, it’s even more unbearable because there is no protection from Huaxu. Her belief in becoming stronger is deeply rooted, and she has failed again and again, which has also killed her mind Seal? Grass can come out of the rocks that prevent it from growing, cactus can grow in hell like sandThe desert absorbs water. So, why can’t she be a strong one?! Six strong horizontal out, see her how to laugh at the situation! It’s just one

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