The soul controller of the last World

Title:The soul controller of the last World


Description:At the end of the world, the city became a paradise for zombies and wild animals to hunt and fight. Li Chen, a young man of waste firewood, is on the verge of death after an accident in an operation to find survival materials. However, he activates the jade body culture wasteland he got by accident and has the ability to control zombies and monsters. When noneWhen several survivors struggle for survival, Li Chen embarks on his own road of growth by virtue of the lack of jade body culture. The tattoo on my chest is in my hand, the world is in my hand. Alien world, the strong invincible, three thousand human, there is one is the most dazzling.   ===============Note: the title of the book has been changed three times before, so when readers search the book, they try to search Jinbao as much as possible, because if they search the title directly, they may not find it.

Author: miven

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