The Sorcerer’s Manor

Title:The Sorcerer’s Manor

Author:Lin ruohanxi

Description:There’s a cat in a potato?! It’s not easy for Arthur to get the admission notice of the wizard college, but he was told that the wizard is the target of the whole mainland?! Upgrade a level to still have to test sorcerer card unexpectedly?! The magician college next door also found two people who claimed to be her cousin and cousin?! But fortunatelyWell, dad is still open-minded. He left a space ring for her. He has nothing to do with planting flowers, raising grass, cooking vegetables and poisoning. During the exam, there was an invincible cat for her to use. When he was in a hurry, he went to tease little Zhengtai, the magician. When he ran into a problem, he went to find elder martial brother Prince. He still had a good life,Is it good to be a witch~

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