The shadow of Empire

Title:The shadow of Empire

Author:The clouds are gone in Wushan

Description:In the eyes of some people, Mr. Suk is a huge shadow behind the Empire, monopolizing the economic lifeline of the country, manipulating the Parliament and playing with elections. Successive governments are just the front desk spokesmen of the Suk family In the eyes of others, Mr. Suk is a towering tree sheltering the United States of AmericaWith the rise of the family, the banner of democracy and freedom has also stood firm The story of Mr. Suk begins in Texas in the 19th century. On this day, a cowboy from the East set foot on this wild land full of bandits, speculators and opportunities If you think “the shadow of the Empire”„ÄčIf it’s not bad, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog!

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