The secret art is unparalleled in the world

Title:The secret art is unparalleled in the world

Author:Listening to the waves at night

Description:I was born in a Fengshui family, but my grandfather and father didn’t let me count. In the first year of senior high school, my grandfather passed on the domineering book “matchless music” to me and left me a mysterious prophecy. Then he died suddenly. In ten years, I had bad work, bad luck, no love, and passed death several timesAll the loneliness and frustrations. Until that day, I met a Maoshan magician in a bar. She told me that we are grasshoppers on the same rope. If we cooperate, we can both live a long life. Otherwise, we should go home and prepare for the future Heiyan reading network supports third-party one click login, including Tencent QQ. Sina Weibo, wechat, Baidu Post Bar, realize the minimalist landing experience.

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