The Savior of national football team

Title:The Savior of national football team

Author:The rabbit that year

Description:As a player, he became the most outstanding shooter in the history of Chinese football with congenital pulmonary insufficiency. However, for various reasons, he always had no way to serve the country… After becoming a coach, he led the national football team to play the highest winning rate in the history of the regular match, but he was blacked as the “king of warm-up match” by unscrupulous media;He broke the magic spell of beating South Korea for 32 years with an incredible 3-0, leaving a classic game. But after all, he ended the class in the “no class” chanted by all the fans, and watched the national football team, which could have returned to Asia, fall into the abyss again… Maybe God also felt aggrieved for him,Actually let him through to a 12-year-old boy in 2000, and he will start from this, once again set foot on the thorny road to save the national football team, this time he can succeed

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