The road to immortality is far away

Title:The road to immortality is far away

Author:Black feather

Description:Immortal, eternal life. Everyone hopes to become immortal, but the road to become immortal is far away. In order to survive, she embarked on a long road to immortality. She has no talent, no background, but she has a stone! Muyu looks at the by-product of Yinyang stone – a pile of miraculous drugs and a pile of precious minerals. He laughs arrogantly… Who says the road to immortality is far away? thatThey don’t have such an immortal as me: / / / longtengx! Ha ha, with a stone in hand, there is no worry about immortality! PS: the first ten chapters of this article are dark. Well, I admit, it’s very dark. Don’t be scared, everyone. The environment of Xiuzhen is not dark. If you don’t like the dark environment, you canIt shouldn’t hurt to jump straight to Chapter 11. In addition, this article is the main body of the text, the growth of women strong text, farming text, Zhengzong Xiuzhen text. A woman with a black belly is not a virgin, not even a little white

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