The rise of the last Heroes

Title:The rise of the last Heroes

Author:Caoyang Falcon

Description:The end of the world is undoubtedly a great disaster for mankind, with billions of innocent people killed and human civilization almost extinct. But for human beings, the end of the world is not a chance to regain a new life? In this disaster, the family, nation, country and religion are no longer the stumbling blocks to separate each other, facing the human raceIf civilization continues this mission, all interest disputes need to give way. At the beginning of the apocalypse, the dark side of human nature may be magnified, but when people really realize the value of their existence, the brilliance of human nature and belief begins to overcome the dark, heroes are praised, selfish and cowardly behavior is spurned. This is the endThe world. The story of the growth of a city-state lieutenant and the rise of a hero.

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