The rise of evil

Title:The rise of evil

Author:Baitong River

Description:Because of an inexplicable chip, Mo Xiaoxian was caught in an unknown underground laboratory. Search up and down, and so on. What are you going to do to her? What are the monsters in these containers in front of you? There’s a faint roar coming out… It’s hard to break away from herInjection of unknown agents, the state of the old man, and met a strong biochemical monster. Mo small fiber looked at the hands of the surge of small electric flowers, she this is a power? Is this a fabled accident? Catch a handsome guy and get out of the lab… Before long, the biochemical crisis came, and Mo Xiaoxian smoked. It’s OKI’ve been preparing for it, but when did the tails come out behind me? Forget it, she cherishes her life. She’d better get up and think about how to end it

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