The rise of China

Title:The rise of China

Author:Flowers and plants

Description:Zhang Liang, a modern orphan and puppet army fan, went through a time and space very similar to that of the Republic of China in history – the Republic of China, and became the Grand Prince of a warlord. Through his own efforts, he vowed to change the fate of this troubled nation. In the process of his expansion, he fought against Soviet Russia, pacified the rebellion in Outer Mongolia, and cut off the Soviet UnionPolar bears reach out to the devil outside the pass again. War devils, safeguard the territorial integrity of the country! Finally let this country rise in the east of the world, and led the Chinese army to recover the lost territory of the late Qing Dynasty in World War II! PS: this book is guaranteed to be finished, never eunuch! China’s resurgence: 194596765; welcomeDear friends, please don’t forget to recommend it to your friends in QQ group and microblog if you think it’s good!

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