The rise and survival of the last World

Title:The rise and survival of the last World

Author:Little black sea cucumber

Description:This is not the end. This is a paradise for animals and plants. Human beings have gone from the top of the food chain to the bottom of the food chain overnight. They even have to be treated as food by mutated human beings. Mutated human beings are so-called zombies, or immortals. Once a billionaire kneels at your feet and asks for a little foamOnce a fat director is willing to perform hob meat for your bread. Once a popular female star, as long as you give her the drumsticks produced by a certain manufacturer in your hand, she is willing to pay for it. How would you choose? Would you give her the drumsticks and enjoy the whole night, or would you just plug the drumsticks in silenceWhat about filling your stomach in your mouth??

Author: miven

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