The revenge plan of zombie crisis

Title:The revenge plan of zombie crisis

Author:Mourning for the cold moon

Description:Zombie crisis, Zimo and his girlfriend summer foam, good brother Yuchen in order to survive and escape. After a series of dangerous things, they were finally rescued by the military. And participated in the avenger project. They were transported to the Antarctic base, the last military security base. There Yuchen met ShangGuan Waner. And fell in love with her. However, the task suddenly, they embarked on the unknown journey. Their mission is to find a base for virus development and find a vaccine. Zimo and his teammates came to the city where the virus R & D base is located, but all the way was not smooth. Zimo, xiamo, Yuchen and shangguanwan all the wayA lot of stories happened between them. The team finally found the base after great sacrifice. But it’s thousands of zombies and a big conspiracy waiting for them

Author: miven

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