The return of the ghost servant

Title:The return of the ghost servant


Description:My name is Gu Xiang. I grew up in an orphanage. My mother got pregnant before she got married. I was taken out of my mother’s body. Maybe it’s because of this that I can see things that others can’t see since I was a child. It’s incredible that I have no fear of these evils. Besides, ten thousand years ago, I had another oneIdentity – the devil. In my previous life, I committed many evils and suffered from purgatory after death. After ten thousand years of sincere repentance, I finally got the chance of reincarnation. Now I’m just an ordinary girl, and my previous enemies have found my trace. Pursue, frame, threaten Where should I go? I used to get the mapIn order to return to the demon world and continue to practice, but there is an unexpected situation, the map is destroyed, and the entrance to the demon world is sealed. I’m hopeless. I’m hopeless. I have to die Tianwu

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